top of page is a startup, focused on building Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) powered tools and platforms for the construction industry.


To accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in achieving better design and more efficient construction.

Our Purpose

We serve with a spirit of excellence, a commitment to integrity, and a strong dedication to leveraging the power of AI and ML in driving innovations for your organization.

Our Commitment

Senior Front End Developer
Onay Karakulak
Senior Back End Engineer
Erastus Gichuhi
Product & Operations Manager
Grasyon Ingram
Senior Back End Developer
Andrew Matteson
Machine Learning Engineer
Shivek Chhabra


After reading a Mckinsey article about the potential that AI/ML could have in the construction industry back in 2017, Daniel quit his job as a structural engineer and went back to graduate school to understand how he could deliver the value of automation into the construction industry. He earned his MBA and Master of Engineering degree in Construction management at the University of Alberta where he was exposed to some of the top researchers and work in AI/ML in Construction. Daniel has managed engineering projects, led teams, and currently serves on the board of a non-profit organization called Kids-on-Track. He loves spending time with people and is driven by a strong desire to leave every job, industry, organization, project, and individual(s) a lot better than where he found them. He is a father of two and enjoys taking long walks with his wife in the Edmonton river valley.

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Daniel Kamau

Meet The Team

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