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Case Study

Revolutionizing the Estimating Process at King Steel with


King Steel was founded in Lawrenceville, GA, in the 1990's specializing in structural steel fabrication for clients in the southeast United States. In 2018, Marvin Brown and Gabe Tilley took over leadership sought to expand the company and increasingly serve its customer base. This year King Steel will transition from a 70K sq ft. fabrication facility to 100K sq ft. fabrication facility and is well suited to expand its estimating capacity. With estimating as a bottleneck, King Steel sought to implement innovative solutions across their workflows that would enhance their operational efficiency, with the aim of optimizing their fabrication capacity and improving the company's profitability.

Without LIFT, | don't think we ever would have even tried to take on that job. But because we had it, we knew we could use it to shortcut the process. And that's exactly what we did.


- Troy Ernst, Chief Estimator at King Steel

LIFT,'s automated material take-off software, was introduced to automate parts of the estimation process, significantly reducing manual input, and enhancing both speed and accuracy. LIFT's capabilities, including autodetecting steel members on plan, bracing on elevations, and more recently, automating column take-offs, allows for rapid and precise take-offs. This technology has enabled King Steel to increase their revenues and expand their market visibility through new opportunities previously deemed unfeasible due to time and capacity constraints.


Manual Process


Automated Process


Efficiancy Boost:

LIFT has revolutionized King Steel's estimation process, in some cases cutting down the time needed to estimate a job from four days to just two. This dramatic improvement means the estimating team can now handle more projects at the same time, expanding their capacity and potential for growth.

Competitive Edge:

Kings Steel's new ability to deliver quick and accurate project estimates sets King Steel apart in a competitive industry. Meeting tight deadlines without sacrificing accuracy gives them a distinct advantage, allowing them to stand out and respond to their customers with greater confidence.

Strategic Agility:

Thanks to LIFT, King Steel can sift through more opportunities than before. With the increased bandwidth, King Steel is not just keeping up, they are staying ahead, ensuring that they can consider a wider variety of projects and make smarter, more strategic decisions.

Enhanced Customer Relationships:

Their commitment to rapid responses and spot-on estimates will continue to solidify their reputation as a reliable partner in the eyes of general contractors. This reliability fosters stronger, long- lasting business relationships, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It would be awful not to have LIFT. We're relying on it now. 
The beam counts are spectactular

Troy Ernst

Chief Estimator at King Steel

Sr. Estimator at King Steel

James Jones

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